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Youth Piano Lessons

There are many lifelong benefits to learning piano at an early age. It teaches you patience and the joy of accomplishment. It makes you more social, keeps your brain active and provides a constuctive activity when you feel bored. Plus - it is just plain fun! 


Piano lessons are set up on a weekly basis. Students are given a regular time slot that suits their weekly schedule and are expected to practice adequately enough to be prepared for the next lesson so we can continue to progress. 


I teach on a Baldwin Hamilton piano in my living room at home. Parking and accessibilty is about as easy as it gets. Reading materials and comfortable seating are available for parents while they wait.

A student should arrive for their lesson approximately 5 minutes before it begins. It is important to be on time. If you arrive 10 minutes late your lesson would be shortened if another student's time slot is directly after yours.
I do not generally teach children younger than seven unless they show an unusual aptitude for music early on and can read. There are no age limits from that point.



Lesson rates are as follows:


30 minutes (my home) - $25.00


You may pay by cash, check or through Paypal. If you pay through Paypal, you can pay by credit card or your Paypal account. You may pay monthly in advance or per lesson.



I will obtain all books and notify the student/parent of the costs to be reimbursed to me. This is not a huge expense and varies by the age of the student initially. A beginner student will incur $15-$25 initially.



If you don't have a piano or keyboard will be happy to assist you in choosing the best one for your budget. There are some important features a keyboard needs for it to be suitable for a piano student such as a sustain pedal, proper seat, keybed weight, music stand and other specifications.There are many suitable used and new keyboards locally available for the beginner student. Most are under $500 new and even less used.  
I personally feel more comfortable teaching a child when their parent/guardian is present. I teach in a room where there is comfortable seating. However, I do ask that parents refrain from becoming involved in the actual lesson so I can keep a rapport with the student. It's important that a parent get to know and feel comfortable with me teaching their child one on one. I realize that when parents attend a lesson, other children may have to come also. I have no problem with that. I just ask that you make other arrangements or reschedule if they are sick.
I teach from September through May. I will always reschedule any lessons I have to miss. Teaching is a job and a source of income for me. I have a limited number of slots I can teach in each week. If a student misses two lessons in a row without rescheduling, we will need to asess their interest in lessons and if they should continue. They could lose their time slot with a third miss.

I am available for lessons during the summer on a loose schedule.



I will be happy to give you a list of references!

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