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I have performed for hundreds of wedding ceremonies and receptions. Our drummer and percussionist is also a harpist. We can provide just harp or piano or harp, piano and flute combinations for your ceremony, then provide music for cocktails, and then switch to dance music for your one source complete music package. 


Listen to demos of a few our wedding selections. 


Typical wedding details are provided in the information below. Listen to a demo of our dance music on this page also.




After all the details have been finalized, a contract will be issued.


Click here to contact me at anytime but please keep this relative to the band's involvement. Planning a wedding is very exciting for a bride and groom. There are months of planning and constant changes. I've learned over the years to wait till the last 2-3 weeks before the wedding to discuss final details regarding the music. That's usually when things have settled down and stabilized.


IMPORTANT: Please notify me if you decide to change the time of your reception after the contract has been issued. This is extremely important information! If you hire us for a reception from 7-11PM, move it up to 6-10PM, and we are contracted with an earlier reception ending at 5:00PM, it presents a logistics problem.


Tunes not in our repertoire chosen for the First Dance, etc., may need to be played on a CD Player, iPad or Smartphone. I will need this list of your songs prior to the performance unless you plan to provide the music on your own device.


If you have a few tunes from our song list you would like to hear played at the reception, please highlight them and mail to me. We'll include some of them during the event. We pick our tunes according to the flow of the reception, dancers and requests. We'll play "test" tunes at various points in the night to "feel out" the crowd. If they are in a dancing mood, they'll usually gravitate to the floor. Please don't supply a playlist for the band.


We will arrive approximately 60 - 90 minutes ahead of time to set up for our performance. Earlier setup times may require an additional fee.


We usually wear black tuxedos at wedding events. Let us know if you prefer coat and tie.


We require an area (floor or stage) approximately 16' wide and 12' feet deep to properly house us and our equipment. One standard wall power outlet in this area is sufficient for us.


Food arrangements should be made for the band. If your reception is "buffet-style" then no arrangements have to be made as we will grab something during a break. If you are having a "sit-down meal", have additional plates set aside for the band to eat during a break or simply have club sandwiches with chips prepared. If you are not having food at your reception, please let us know beforehand. Food is an important issue with us because your 3-4 hour reception requires several hours of setup and tearing down of equipment for us.


If your reception has a bar then band members will simply get their own water and drinks. If there is no bar, please make arrangements for soft drinks and water for the band. I do not prohibit band members from having alcoholic beverages as it is not a problem issue. However, if you prefer this not to occur, let me know ahead of time.


Unless you have prepaid your event completely, the check you give to me during your event should be made payable to "Neal Davenport". It is important that we receive this at the start of the engagement so all business can be settled and the evening can flow without interruption.


We welcome comments on our performance and we may post them in a future feedback section.




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